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“Encouraging”, “progressive”, “creative”, “a home from home” …just some of the descriptions of St Edmund’s from the mouths of the pupils that study here.
We are so very proud of our reputation as a school at which pupils relish not just their opportunities, but their day-to-day lives too. Self-confidence, assured social skills and a mature awareness of the nuts and bolts of life and the relationships we form within it are at the very heart of everything we do for our pupils.

“When I joined St Edmund’s as a boarder, I was a bit of a miscreant, but I chose the school because of the class sizes, and because of the sense of community I immediately felt here. Due to the dedication of the teachers and the relationships I’ve built with them, my grades rapidly improved and now, towards the end of my St Edmund’s journey, I am proud to be the senior vice-captain of the school.”
Max, pupil

Academic Hub
The Plan – Phases 1 & 2

Such great popularity and success comes with its own set of challenges though, and we’re now struggling to find enough teaching space to house our current pupils, let alone new ones, of which we estimate there will be more than ever before over the coming years. This is not an impossible problem to solve however, but simply an obstacle to surmount. Our solution? Initially, the 1st phase of our Academic Hub will be a brand new, light and spacious building housing seven classrooms that will give our pupils the space they need to learn and be inspired to the best of their abilities. Upon completion of this stage, the 2nd phase will be the creation of further classrooms, the whole of the Hub centred around a courtyard, thus joining up both phases to stand in equal beauty and stature to those that currently exist throughout our grounds.


So far we have raised £1,950,000 of our £2.5mil target


In the very spirit of our school motto: Fungar Vice Cotis – “Be as a whetstone for others to be sharpened upon”, the experience of an exciting, varied and successful education for every pupil that walks through our doors is our driving force. It is essential that more pupils get to experience the friendly, ‘home from home’ education that St Edmund’s offers, and in order to secure the longevity of our legacy, a new building is key.

Together, we make a huge difference to the life of every pupil that embarks on a St Edmund’s education, and we’re sure you’ll share our steadfast enthusiasm for the next stage of the school’s captivating journey. 

Our recent donors:

“I was so different when I started at St Edmund’s – I was quiet and only had a few friends. Now, I have the confidence to stand up and speak at open evenings and I have so many friends and so much support. Without St Edmund’s, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”
Kate, pupil

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The provision of a brand new, colourful and stimulating learning environment is as necessary to allow our magnificent teachers to prosper as it is to the pupils who trust them so implicitly. Not only will it help to propel St Edmund’s to the next level of academic excellence, thereby setting a clear intention for future generations of alumni, but it will breathe new life into staff and pupils alike.

Throughout its long and illustrious existence, St Edmund’s has continued to broaden in scope and size and ideally, we see the building of an architecturally appropriate edifice as the first phase in a very positive future of redevelopment for the school.

The relationship between staff and pupils is very unique to St Edmund’s. Fundamentally, they’re there to guide and teach us, but they invest a great deal of interest in us all as people too, and are never too busy to help.
Olivia, pupil

The school has a long-established reputation for outstanding pastoral care, and we believe that if our pupils feel happy, secure and supported at school, they will benefit from our outstanding educational opportunities.”
Edward G. O'Connor, Head

As a boarder, what I love about St Edmund’s is the tender loving care that underpins everyone’s experience here; it’s just like home. It’s a truly wonderful place that’s set up to prepare all its pupils for the real world.
William, pupil

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